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JavaBeer in Veliko Tarnovo

By  jNayden  
Where: Powwow Club, Nish street 3, Veliko Tarnovo
When: 29 April 2017 @ 19:00
After the successful completion of  jProfessionals on tour - Tarnovo, it is the @ VT turn on April 29th 2017 (Saturday), 19.00h.
The event will be hosted by Osceola Ltd. and their exclusive Powwow Club. The venue is the Cybar (3, Nish str., Veliko Tarnovo), where we can use the unique and relaxed atmosphere of the place to sum up the day and in informal talks discuss what we learned and the new ideas that inspired us. With the cold beer, the cool music and the warm welcome of our hosts we can have more talks with the people we met during the JProfessionals conference.
Even if you can't make it to Veliko Tarnovo edition of JProfessionals, you are welcome to join us. is where we want you to share with all others your experience during the day.
The beer is provided by POWWOW Club and you are welcome to enjoy it!
POWWOW is an exclusive social club. A club that brings together different people to enjoy their time, to feel safe and relaxed, satisfying fundamental human needs. (n.b. Max Neef)
POWWOW is a space where the culture is made by its members!
CYBAR, Kraftmagnet and DoDo Academy – the club provides all-under-one-roof environment where interesting people cross paths and in real communication they create new human synergies.
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