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Where: Vitamin B, Sofia
When: 26th February 2020 @ 19:00
Cold beers, hot discussions about Java and some nice food will be served at "Vitamin B" on February 26th at 19:00, provided by our hosts from Ocado Technology!

About Ocado Technology:

Ocado Technology opened its office in Sofia in 2015. We love the JVM and most of our 100+ employees in Sofia write code in Java, Scala, and Kotlin.

As a branch of Ocado Technology, our office is developing world-class innovative solutions in the areas of robotics, machine learning, simulation, data science, real-time control systems, and more. Products developed by us are currently used live not only by Ocado (biggest online-only grocery store in the world) but also by clients in the UK and Spain. We are also helping many others to adopt our technology - in the USA, France, Canada, Sweden, Australia, and Japan!

Where: KANAAL, Sofia
When: 29 January 2020 @ 19:00
Започваме новата година с представянето на една световно известна марка, която навлезе на българския IT пазар, а именно, тази на най-известния логистичен гигант DHL, който създаде първия и единствен развоен център у нас– DHL Enterprise Software Solutions. 

Екипът е отговорен за най-значимата бизнес трансформация в DHL Freight, с която ще направи най-голямата промяна в логистичният свят на DHL и то директно от България!

Where: Vitamin B, Sofia
When: 16 December 2019 @ 19:00
Елате да изпиете по една бира с хората зад Noble Hire, които ще почерпят със
студено пиво и ще разкажат за проекта си. Ще ви чакаме с нетърпение и предпразнично настроение 🙂

Sponsor :

Where:  Crafter, Hristo Belchev Str, № 6
When: 20.11.2019 @ 19:00 
November, with the fall at its prime and Christmas just around the corner, is a month when a pint of craft beer enjoyed in the company of good friends is more than a necessity. We form The Stars Group know, that those cold evenings are the best time to meet up with friends in cosy atmosphere and are happy to invite all Java enthusiasts out there in Crafter, where we, together with our team, will enjoy high-quality beer, interesting conversations and cheerful surprises.
We are looking forward to meeting you there and in case you would like to get to know us in advance you can do so by visiting our website or Facebook page - Work at the stars group.


КЪДЕ: Пловдив, площад Сливница 6а, етаж 4 - Входа е до Lilly

КОГА: 15-ти Ноември 2019

Westernacher има съобщение да направи
и покана любезна към Вас да отправи!
За всички любители на бирата и готиното настроение,
хайде Java фенове да си спретнем Бира представление!
Локацията е нова, мястото е много интересно,
обещаваме, че за намиране е доста лесно!
Нека отпразнуваме с хапване, бира, игри и награди
весели разговори, танци, усмивки и много изненади
нашият нов офис, който отвори врати през септември
и за празнуването му определихме дата 15 ноември!
Очакваме ви в 19ч на площад Сливница
Където офисът ще превърне се в пивница

Присъствието от Вас, а другото от Нас

Where:  The Raven and Cannonball Bar, Sofia
When: 15th Oct 2019 @ 19:00
За всички любители на Java и студеното пиво! Присъединете се към нас на 15-ти октомври (вторник), когато нашите приятели от VMware отново ще бъдат домакини на Java Beer.
Този път партито ще бъде тематично и ще пренесе до нас най-бирения фестивал в света- Октоберфест! Мястото е бар Гарванът и Гюлето на ул. Позитано 3.
По традиция VMware са подготвили страхотни награди за всички ентусиасти, които участват в нашите игри.

Ах, и да не забравим да споменем специално приготвените за вас вкусотии в баварски стил. 😊

Започваме в 19:00 ч и ще се радваме да бъдем всички заедно! Наздраве! 🍻

Where:  The Raven and Cannonball Bar, Sofia
When: 17th Sep 2019 @ 19:00
Welcome to Java.Beer September Edition! This September the Java.Beer will be hosted by
Paysafe. The place is The Raven and Cannonball Bar.

On September 17th we will not only drink craft beers and talk about Java, but we will introduce
you to Zdravko Nestorov, Senior Software Engineer at Paysafe and will discuss a variety of
custom approaches used at Paysafe for enhancing login security, as well as providing a better
user experience. We will talk about Captcha, reCaptcha, Invisible Captcha, Two-Factori
Authentication, and how do you handle the issue?
Why we need a topic? We know that Java.Beer events are always a pleasant and useful
experience and hope that the discussion on this topic will make this edition even more interesting
and funny. 

Paysafe is a leading global provider of end-to-end payment solutions and we know
that every second matters on the Internet, and even the most patient users get frustrated when
online tasks are not completed in the quickest and most efficient possible way. Even the most
tolerant people are often annoyed when trying to login and a Captcha puzzle is shown. To a
normal user, Captcha puzzles look like an unnecessary annoyance created by someone who just
wants to make people's lives harder. But despite bringing additional user frustration to the overall
experience, they are needed for a variety of security reasons. Let's discuss which are the best
options and the right choice? Also, how do you handle them?

Looking forward to meeting you at 19:00 h on September 17 th in The Raven and Cannonball Bar!

Where: Vitamin B, Sofia
When: 11th July 2019 @ 19:00
Here at Ontotext, we are passionate about AI, Java, beer and good conversations. If that’s also true for you, join us on 11 July at the “Vitamin B” bar, Sofia. Let’s talk, drink beer and of course get some cool gifts! See you there!

About Ontotext:

Ontotext helps enterprises to identify meaning across diverse datasets and massive amounts of unstructured information since 2000. Ontotext offers technology and services for the development of big knowledge graphs, interlinking multiple structured datasets. Analysis of such graphs provides semantic entity profiles that enable more accurate text analysis, which in turn delivers metadata, new entities and relationships to enrich the graphs.

Where: DataArt Bulgaria (бул. „Тодор Александров“ 28)
When: 13 June 2019 @ 19:00
Българската Java потребителска група и DataArt Bulgaria ви канят на юнското издание на Java Beer. Ще пием крафт бира, ще срещнем съмишленици и ще си говорим за Java.

Домакин на събитието е DataArt - международна консултантска компания в областта на технологиите, която проектира, разработва и поддържа индивидуални софтуерни решения, помагащи на клиентите да развиват своята дейност.

Очакваме ви с нетърпение на слънчевата ни тераса на 11-тия етаж с панорамна гледка към София.

WHERE: Pivovarnitza Kamenitza, Plovdiv

When: June 7th 2019


Hello, Java-buddies! Long time, no beer? Or maybe not so long time? Anyway, come and join our beer event on 7th June at 19:30 in Kamenitza Pivovarnitza, Plovdiv. We've prepared a couple of cool games in which you can participate. We can play, we can talk, we can drink beer! Let's have fun together!

About the sponsor: 

Delta Source is a company of highly motivated Java-certified developers located in Bulgaria and certified Belgium enterprise architects . The combination of highly experienced managers with a combined experience of more than 50 years and cutting-edge technologies result in the exactly-as-intended tailor-made software that will satisfy the needs of both small startups and large enterprises. Pleasant working environment, frequent trainings and career planning are just few of the benefits that our developers receive.
Delta Source

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