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Where: KANAAL, Sofia
When: 13 March 2019 @ 19:30
На 13 март java хората на SBTech, световен лидер с технологиите за спортни залагания, ще направят Blitz презентация - „Real time data processing with Java and Apache Flink. Business cases & future plans“. Защо блитц? За да има врема за въпроси и крафт бира!

Where: @Wunderbær - Hills Beer Bar & Shop, Plovdiv
When: 23 March 2019 @19:00
В самото навечерие на пролетта ви каним на при отново в Пловдив.

Нашите домакини този път са Novarto, които ще ни посрещнат със студена наливна бира в новото място в центъра на града под тепетата - Wunderbær. Ще можем да избираме от 6 вида наливна бира, сред които са и новите варки Pils и Summer Blanche на любимата ни пловдивска бира Hills Beer.

Novarto е българска технологична компания, основана преди 10 години в Пловдив. Като дългогодишен предпочитан партньор на SAP AG, на екипа им са доверени едни от най-предизвикателните прокети за Lenovo, Apple, IBM, Nestle, Porsche, Bacardi и др. Днес novarto има офиси в Пловдив, София и Швеция. Екипът постоянно расте, като в момента наброява над 90 професионалиста.

Заповядайте на 23ти март събота от 19:00, ще ви чакаме! Наздраве!

Повече за Wunderbær:

Повече за Hills Beer:

Повече за novarto:

Where: Switch Bar, Sofia
When: 20 February 2019 @ 19:00
February is coming and if you have the dilemma - love or wine we offer the solution - beer, or actually Java beer! ;)
We will be welcoming you on February, 20 in Switch bar (next to The lover's bridge) to have fun together and to talk about the new trends in Java. We have prepared a few surprises, and one of you will win a Kindle.
Endava is a public technology company, with over 18 years of experience of working with some of the world’s leading Finance, Insurance, Telecommunications, Media, Technology, and Retail companies. Through the Digital Evolution, Agile Transformation and Automation solutions, Endava helps its clients be more engaging, responsive and efficient by supporting them from ideation to production.
Endava has offices in North America and Western Europe and delivery centres in Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Colombia.

WHERE: Bar Craft in Plovdiv.

When: 1st February at 19:00


Hi Java folks,
Winter is not just coming, it’s already here! It’s time to kick up our Java beer networking event! If you’re one of the survivors from the New Year’s Eve events, we’ll be waiting for you on 1st February at 19:00 in Bar Craft in Plovdiv.

Come, drink and meet - we’ll take care of the rest! 

Where: KANAAL, Sofia
When: 24 January 2019 @ 19:00
Hi Java friends,
If you want to talk Java and have a beer, we at REWE Digital will pay the bill :)
We expect all survivors after the New Year's parties on 24 January 2019 from 7PM @ Bar Kanaal Sofia. We have prepared surprises for the most curious. 
Cheers :)
Where: Crafter Bar, Sofia
When: 12 December 2018 @ 19:00
This December the beer is on EPAM ??
Real craft beer with the great people from BG JUG as well as several surprises for all those, who are able to answer our java questions.
See you there. Cheers! ??
Where: KANAAL, Sofia
When: 06 November 2018 @ 19:30
November 6th, we are gathering at Kanaal and beer is on SBTech! During the last year, one of SBTech's many teams has been building from scratch their Bonus Engine using Java/Scala, Apache Flink and Hadoop. What is a Bonus Engine and why Java/Scala, Apache Flink and Hadoop - n?xt week over beer!
SBTech is the industry-leading sports betting technology provider to the regulated iGaming sector, with Tier 1 clients across Europe, the Americas and beyond. ? wide range of innovative technologies and approaches to delivering best-in-class products drives the success of our fast-growing operation. For the past ten years, SBTech's main R&D centre has been Bulgaria, with offices in Plovdiv and Sofia.
Where: KANAAL, Sofia
When: 18 October 2018 @ 19:30
Hi Java friends!
It’s always the right time to drink beer and write code.
We welcome you on the 18th of October, right after summer is gone, but long before winter will come, at KANAAL, where code meet beer!

Who are we? EGT Interactive! 
Our specialty? Being awesome! Come and find out.

It’s going to be Legen-wait for it-beery ??
EGT Interactive Team
Where: Beer Stop, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
When: 28 September 2018 @ 19:30
It is this time of year when we are over with vacations and we start again with our work. But only work is not good. We need some time to relax. There is no better time for that then Friday in the evening with glass/bottle of beer and nice food.
This time we will meet in Beer Stop. Very nice place with great beer and food. Please join use for nice talk about Java, other technologies and non IT related stuff.
There is no sponsor for this event. All the drinks and the food are sponsored by you ;-)
Where: Bar Switch, Sofia, Bulgaria
When: 18 September 2018 @ 19:30
For all the Java Geeks out there!
Get your summer ducks in a row & tap into a pool of beer with @HRS Bulgaria!
The next JavaBeer is here & you don’t want to switch it for the world! Summer is about good vibes and that’s exactly what you’re getting.
Booze, chatting & gadgets are on us!
* * * * * * * * *
HRS Bulgaria
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