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JavaBeer at Vitamin B

By  jNayden  
Where: Vitamin B, Sofia, Bulgaria
When: 27 October 2016 @ 19:00
Lovestruck by the stupendous success of the first ever edition of at the Kanaal, we, the quite overexicited java fans to have another shot of Java! Yeey!
Quite eagerly thus, we would like to warmly welcome you for some cold beers and hot java at "Vitamin B" on October 27th at 19:00!
We'll drink and chat and geek and gossip aaaaand..... it's gonna be awesome!
You'll like it! Come talk to us, we do online retail, industrial automation, robotics, 3D vision, AI, hmmm, we like new stuff...
(Don't forget to tell a friend!)
Oh, we'll have a raffle and some fine British ales are going to find their new owners!

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